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C E M A 



Develop and Learn

Through Fun and Creativity


Monday, June 27th  through Friday, July 29th

Enrollment First Come First Serve!

Deadline to Enroll: Saturday, June 11, 2022

Why Choose Us

Thank you for considering enrolling your child for CEMA Summer Camp! For us, nothing beats the feeling of helping provide 

extra-curricular programs to keep children engaged during the summer when their traditional school is out for the summer. 

 Your interest to have your kids participate is a privilege that we never take for granted!

 Thank you for choosing CEMA Summer Camp to help your kids continue to develop personal growth, independence, cultural diversity 

and everything else we strive for during a 4-week session at camp.  At CEMA Summer Camp, our philosophy 

and beliefs are very simple. We aim to provide children with a fun, safe and happy summer experience. 

CEMA Campers will try new activities, learn new skills and make new friends. 

Each of these components makes Camp such a special place.”

Why Love Us

A wonderful environment where children can learn and grow.

Benefits of Summer Camp

While all campers are supervised and cared for with respect to cleanliness, camp clean up and mealtimes, there is still so much room for personal growth during their time at camp. Making their own decisions, problem solving or communicating concerns with counselors; these different scenarios all contribute toward the priceless goal of growing a few inches in regards to stature, happiness and confidence by the time their experience at camp comes to an end.

Great Leadership

During the course of the four weeks CEMA Interns also help coordinate and run an end of camp special event with the other CEMA Interns and one of our program coordinators/directors. There are various other responsibilities with the CEMA Internship program such as assisting with the programs on half-staff days and performing community service in the local Clark County community.


We are aware that many children have food allergies, dietary restrictions or simply strong preferences. We aim to cater to all of these by communicating with families and children prior to the summer camp.  For this reason we require that all kids bring their lunch and mid day snacks.


We offer 4 main program areas and offer a balanced program from these activities. They are Entertainment, Music, Arts, and Adventure. In each of these areas we offer constructive teaching and coaching of skills. Ultimately, we want the activities to be fun and safe. As always, the counselors – their energy, expertise, preparation, commitment to the child and to the camp culture – will be the difference.

How to Enroll Your Child in CEMA Summer Camp?

Learn More

Here are a few other reasons to consider

CEMA Summer Camp:

  • The best natural environment and a beautifully maintained camp property
  • The most caring, involved, professional and attentive staff in the business
  • The highest level of customer care from our office, head staff, directors, and volunteers.
  • A wide variety of camp programs offered in a structured and safe environment.
  • Cultural exposure for children with campers from different cultures and countries.

For more information on any of these points please feel free to call to chat or set up a time for a personal visit in your home. 

Thank you!