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C E M A 



Dedicated to the Individuality of Children

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Welcome to

CEMA Summer Camp

With over 4 years of history, we exclusively offer a traditional four week program; campers arrive and depart together, enabling them to form lasting friendships. A totally complete summer camp experience! With the abundance of choices you face when choosing a summer program, this is the key question. Why choose CEMA Summer Camp over another summer camp or a program that keeps your child closer to home? Also consider the fact that even though your child might be 9 or 10 years old right now, you are hopefully choosing a camp for the adolescent version of your child. Camp should be a summer home for years to come, a place to return to, a place to grow, a place to relax and be themselves especially as life gets more complicated. 

This is our goal and we love hearing this from our current camp parents with older children at camp.



CEMA Summer Camp is offering to all kids ages 7-17, students movement/dance, visual art, enrichment activities, musical performances, and guest artists in the space of four weeks beginning in August. Our end of Summer Camp Program event, live on stage is one of the most moving experiences you will ever witness.

Since our program is designed to focus on music and cultural art programs and the role they play in youth development we hold our Summer Camp Program at the end of the school year to help stimulate and prepare the students to go back to school with a renewed sense of confidence when summer vacation ends and the new school year begins.

A Day of Our Life

While all campers are supervised and cared for with respect to cleanliness, camp clean up and mealtimes, there is still 

so much room for personal growth during their time at camp. Making their own decisions, problem solving 

or communicating concerns with counselors; these different scenarios all contribute toward the 

priceless goal of growing a few inches in regards to stature, happiness and 

confidence by the time their experience at camp comes to an end.